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Top 5 most expensive Classic Cars At Auction

In the eyes of car enthusiasts, the used car and classic car are very valuable, as long as it will be a rare, unique or less related to the historical events. Do they have to spend much to own his passion? Below is a list of most expensive cars that have been used to sell at the famous auction hous…

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Does this can damage your car's engine, if you put the wrong fuel in car's engine?

The answer is simply. Yes. it can harm your car's engine. You should be aware of all types of misfuelling. either it's in a petrol engine or diesel engine. When the preliminary surprise of realising that you’ve crammed up your vehicle fuel tank with the incorrect gas has sunk in, that is the questio…

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Car Symptoms - When You Put the Wrong Fuel in Car

The risk of wrong fuel within the tank is you may be able to start your vehicle and get riding. This is due to the fact the engine nonetheless has got admission to some diesel in the pipes. But as you still power and the petrol starts offevolved to flow into you can locate the engine stalling, even …

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